Office C2R Custom Install


  • If the below guide is confusing to you then the simplest option for you is to use Office C2R Installer.

  • Retail Office (e.g. O365) has latest feature updates and Volume Office (e.g. ProPlus 2021) don’t have latest feature updates. Both can be activated using Ohook activation method.

  • Please note that in the official C2R office custom installation method, there is no ISO or any one-click solution available. Below is the simplest guide to installing the customized office.

  • Russian users needs to follow this guide to bypass geoblock in Office downloading.

Custom Installation Guide

First clear previous installation of Office,

  • Uninstall the office with App and Features option in Windows settings.

  • Run OfficeScrubber.cmd file from Office Scrubber by abbodi1406 and select [R] Remove all Licenses option. You can skip this step if Office was never installed on the system.

Once done,

  • Download Office Deployment Tool (ODT)

  • Copy the downloaded setup.exe file to the root of the C drive, i.e. C:\setup.exe

  • Goto

  • If you want Retail Office then select Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise in the office suites section.

  • If you want Volume Office then select Office LTSC Professional Plus 2021 - Volume License (Don’t select SPLA version) in the office suites section.

  • You can add Visio and Project apps if you need them. Don’t select language that is not available for Project/Visio if you are installing these apps.

  • Customize other things and leave them as default where you don’t understand something.

  • Once you go through all the options, click on the export button and it will download a file named Configuration.xml

  • Copy the downloaded Configuration.xml file to the root of the C drive, i.e. C:\Configuration.xml

  • Open the command prompt as admin and run the below commands

    cd /d C:\
    setup.exe /configure Configuration.xml

It will now download and install Office. You can activate it with your preferred method.

Alternative Methods

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