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Windows 8.1 Download

All download links lead to genuine files only.


  • Microsoft provides public download links for Windows 8.1 (Core / Pro). Other editions such as Enterprise are only available on MVS and VLSC and for them, you need to pay a high subscription fee.
  • For this reason, we need to host files on 3rd party. You can check here on how to be sure that files are genuine.
  • In the install process of Windows 8.1 (Core / Pro) ISO, setup will ask to enter the key, you can enter below generic keys for the desired edition.
    Windows 8.1 Core: 334NH-RXG76-64THK-C7CKG-D3VPT
    Windows 8.1 Core N: 6NPQ8-PK64X-W4WMM-MF84V-RGB89
    Windows 8.1 Core Single Language: Y9NXP-XT8MV-PT9TG-97CT3-9D6TC
    Windows 8.1 Pro: XHQ8N-C3MCJ-RQXB6-WCHYG-C9WKB
    Windows 8.1 Pro N: JRBBN-4Q997-H4RM2-H3B7W-Q68KC
  • Every edition of Windows 8.1 can be activated with online KMS option in MAS.
  • Window 8.1 Embedded Enterprise edition doesn't come with preinstalled store apps.
  • If you need links for any other Windows/office file, please contact here.

Win 8.1 Core / Pro
(Build - 9600.17415)

MSDL ❤ provides Official links straight from Microsoft, works even if Microsoft is blocking the download to Russian/VPN users.
You can also download the ISO from