Microsoft Activation Scripts (MAS)

A Windows and Office activator using HWID / Ohook / KMS38 / Online KMS activation methods, with a focus on open-source code and fewer antivirus detections.


  • HWID (Digital License) Method to Permanently Activate Windows
  • Ohook Method to Permanently Activate Office
  • KMS38 Method to Activate Windows/Server Till the Year 2038
  • Online KMS Method to Activate Windows/Server/Office For 180 Days (Lifetime With Renewal Task)
  • Advanced Activation Troubleshooting
  • $OEM$ Folders For Preactivation
  • Change Windows Edition
  • Check Windows/Office Activation Status
  • Available in All In One and Separate Files Versions
  • Fully Open Source and Based on Batch Scripts
  • Fewer Antivirus Detections

MAS Latest Release

Last Release - v2.5 (16-Nov-2023)
GitHub / Bitbucket

Download / How to use it?

Method 1 - PowerShell


  • Right-click on the Windows start menu and select PowerShell or Terminal (Not CMD).
  • Copy and paste the code below and press enter
    irm | iex
  • You will see the activation options. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • That’s all.

Method 2 - Traditional

  • Download the file from GitHub or Bitbucket
  • Right click on the downloaded zip file and extract
  • In the extracted folder, find the folder named All-In-One-Version
  • Run the file named MAS_AIO.cmd
  • You will see the activation options, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • That’s all.

To run the scripts in unattended mode, check here

Activations Summary

Activation Type Supported Product Activation Period
HWID Windows 10-11 Permanent
Ohook Office Permanent
KMS38 Windows 10-11-Server Till the Year 2038
Online KMS Windows / Office 180 Days. Lifetime With Renewal Task

For more details, use the respective activation details in Doc.

To activate unsupported products such as Office on Mac, check here.


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