Genuine Installation Media

All download links lead to genuine files only.

Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 (Official Links) ❤️ MSDL - Microsoft
Windows 11 Link
Windows 10 Link
Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC Link
Windows ARM64 Link
Windows 8.1 Link
Windows 7 Link
Windows Vista Link
Windows XP Link
Windows Server Link
Windows Insider 10/11 - Server
Office C2R Installers (Retail) ❤️ Link (Easy to install)
Office C2R Custom Install (Retail / VL) Link (More steps, allows customization)
Office MSI VL (Old versions) Link
Office For Mac Link
Encarta Link

You can contact us here if you need any other Windows / Office files.

Verify Authenticity Of Files

  • We can use the file hashing method to verify if a file is genuine or not, but we must first know the actual checksum of the file.

  • Microsoft publishes a checksum list for Windows 11 consumer edition. The checksum list for other products is not public and is available to paid subscribers of MVS.

  • There are many places where we can find the checksums for Microsoft files and compare them with our files using tools like 7-Zip (After installing 7-Zip, right-click on the ISO file and go to 7-Zip > CRC SHA). Below is a list of sites containing checksums.

    1. files.rg-adguard (most complete collection)
    2. MVS dump
    3. genuine-iso-verifier
    4. msdn.rg-adguard
    5. sha1.rg-adguard

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