Unsupported Products Activation

In this page, those product activation methods are mentioned which are not supported by MAS.

MS Office For Mac

Visual Studio

VS can be activated only by a key.

Editions Activation Key
Visual Studio 2022 Professional TD244-P4NB7-YQ6XK-Y8MMM-YWV2J
Visual Studio 2022 Enterprise VHF9H-NXBBB-638P6-6JHCY-88JWH
Visual Studio 2019 Professional NYWVH-HT4XC-R2WYW-9Y3CM-X4V3Y
Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise BF8Y8-GN2QH-T84XB-QVY3B-RC4DF

Windows 7

MAS online KMS option supports Windows 7 Pro and Enterprise.

To activate other Windows 7 editions in,
Non-UEFI/GPT systems - Use Windows Loader Official thread | Mirror
UEFI-GPT systems - EzWindSLIC

Note: These loader/slic activators sometimes may cause the system boot issue.

Windows XP SP3

  • Download Genuine Pro VL x86 - Link

  • Activation Key - XCYBK-2B3KV-G8T8F-WXJM7-WCTYT

  • If you need help with some other Microsoft products, reach out to us here.