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Licensing Servers Issue

  • In some cases, HWID activation may fail because the system couldn't connect to HWID licensing servers.
  • The activation script will inform you about this if that is the case. We suggest following the below guide only when the script tells you to do so.

Network Reset

  • In Windows 10/11, go to settings and search for Network Reset, then apply this option.
  • Restart your system and try HWID Activation.
  • If it's showing the same Internet error then follow the below option.


  • Download Windscribe VPN for Windows and install.
  • It will require you to signup, you can do that without email ID. After that, login in the app, connect, and try HWID activation.
  • If the VPN is not connecting, use another Internet connection such as your Mobile phone through USB Tethering or Wi-Fi Hotspot, and try HWID activation.
  • If HWID activation is still not working then check here for help.