(Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How to use it?
    Checks how to info here.

  • How to activate Windows permanently?
    Use HWID option in MAS.

  • It says activation failed, what to do now?
    Reach out to us on Discord with an error screenshot.

  • I changed my Windows edition from Home to Pro and now Windows is deactivated.
    Run HWID activation to activate Pro. Each edition requires separate activation.

  • How to remove HWID activation from my system?
    You can not. Once a system is activated, this activation cannot be removed because the license is stored in the Microsoft servers and not in the user’s system. MS checks the hardware ID (HWID) and if a license is found in their database, the system will automatically activate.

  • How to download the full version of Windows 10 LTSC 2021?
    Check the info here.

  • How to activate Office?
    Use the Online KMS option in MAS.

  • How to download and install Office?
    Check the info here.

  • Can I permanently activate Office?
    No. For lifetime activation of Office, use the renewal task option in Online KMS.

  • Can I link my Microsoft account safely with this activation?

  • Can I update Windows/Office after activation?

  • How to change Windows 10/11 Home to Pro?
    Use the change edition option in the Extras section in MAS.

  • Can I activate Office 365?
    O365 can not be activated with KMS. To activate it, the script installs Mondo 2016 licenses and activates it. This license is near to O365 feature-wise, you can get offline features of O365 but you can’t get Online features of O365.

  • I’m getting ‘Office is not genuine banner’.
    Run Online KMS from the latest MAS version.

  • Can I delete the MAS folder after activation?

  • How MAS can activate?
    Read activation details in the Docs section.

  • Does MAS work for Windows 7/8.1?
    The online KMS option works for Windows 7 Pro & Enterprise (Not Ultimate). All Windows 8/8.1 editions are supported by Online KMS option.

  • Where can I donate?
    MASSGRAVE project doesn’t accept donations and it’s free.
    It’s because it’s a community project and involves many contributors, splitting donations is not practical and also because profiting from piracy is not good.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask on our Discord (signup not required).