MAS project wouldn’t be possible without kind help and uses of other honorable developer’s tools and scripts. I would like to say thanks to all those wonderful people and projects.

mspaintmsi & anonymous Original co-authors of HWID/KMS38
Gamers Against Weed GamersOsState, Rearm, Set-WindowsCbsEdition
qxkqf ARM64 port of slc.dll
vyvojar slshim
sponpa, leitek8 slc.dll Improvements
AveYo Compressed2TXT, LeanAndMean, and great help
Enthousiast Testing and Support
awuctl hwid-stuff, info and great help
abbodi1406 KMS_VL_ALL (Online KMS is a fork of it), enormous help in coding and problem solving
Alex (aka may, ave9858) Universal Ticket for HWID/KMS38, CleanOffice.ps1, User support, Co-enhancing MAS, testing, ideas, suggestions and great help in coding and problem solving
WindowsAddict MAS Author

And thanks to the MAS users for their interest, feedback, and assistance. ❤️