MAS project wouldn’t be possible without kind help and uses of other honorable developer’s tools and scripts. I would like to say thanks to all those wonderful people and projects.

HWID / KMS38 Activation
mspaintmsi & anonymous Original co-authors of HWID/KMS38
Gamers Against Weed Activation without slc.dll
Alex Universal Ticket Method
qxkqf ARM64 port of slc.dll
vyvojar slshim
sponpa Improvements
leitek8 Improvements
Source codes collection is here
Online KMS Activation
abbodi1406 Online KMS is a fork of KMS_VL_ALL
Public KMS servers
Kind help
AveYo Compressed2TXT
Enthousiast Testing and Support
abbodi1406, Aveyo, awuctl Enormous help

And thanks to the MAS users for their interest, feedback, and assistance. ❤️