Command Line Switches

Switches List

  • You can use the below switches in MAS AIO, separate files version and in Powershell one-liner to run in unattended mode.

  • If you want to use it in Windows Pre-Activation then check this page for more details.

Switches Meaning
/HWID Activate with HWID
/HWID-NoEditionChange Don’t change edition if not supported by HWID
/KMS38 Activate with KMS38
/KMS38-RemoveProtection Remove KMS38 protection
/KMS38-NoEditionChange Don’t change edition if not supported by KMS38
/KMS-Windows Activate Windows with Online KMS
/KMS-Office Activate Office with Online KMS
/KMS-WindowsOffice Activate Windows & Office with Online KMS
/KMS-RenewalTask Install Online KMS renewal task
/KMS-ActAndRenewalTask Install Online KMS activation & renewal tasks
/KMS-Uninstall Uninstall Online KMS
/KMS-KeepvNext Don’t override Office C2R vNext license
/KMS-Debug Create Debug log in Online KMS Activation
/KMS-Logger Create simple log in Online KMS Activation
/Insert-HWID-Key Insert Windows HWID key
/S Run operations in silent mode (no output)

Uses In Powershell One Liner

& ([ScriptBlock]::Create((irm /para

  • Replace /para in the this command with the switches from the above table. You can use multiple switches. Example,

& ([ScriptBlock]::Create((irm /HWID /KMS-Office


  • Script will run in unattended mode if any switch is used.

  • /S switch is not applicable in MAS separate files version scripts.

  • All switches are case-insensitive, works in any order, but must be separated with spaces.

  • KMS Uninstall switch will take precedence over other KMS switches

  • KMS38 remove protection switch will task precedence over KMS38 activation.

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