Command Line Switches

Switches List

  • You can use the below switches in MAS AIO, separate files version and in Powershell one-liner to run in unattended mode.

  • If you want to use it in Windows Pre-Activation then check this page for more details.

Switches Meaning
/HWID Activate with HWID
/HWID-NoEditionChange Don’t change edition if not supported by HWID
/KMS38 Activate with KMS38
/KMS38-RemoveProtection Remove KMS38 protection
/KMS38-NoEditionChange Don’t change edition if not supported by KMS38
/KMS-Windows Activate Windows with Online KMS
/KMS-Office Activate Office with Online KMS
/KMS-WindowsOffice Activate Windows & Office with Online KMS
/KMS-RenewalTask Install Online KMS renewal task
/KMS-ActAndRenewalTask Install Online KMS activation & renewal tasks (Use this)
/KMS-Uninstall Uninstall Online KMS
/KMS-KeepvNext Don’t override Office C2R vNext license
/KMS-Debug Create Debug log in Online KMS Activation
/KMS-Logger Create simple log in Online KMS Activation
/Insert-HWID-Key Insert Windows HWID key
/S Run operations in silent mode (no output)

Uses In Powershell One Liner

& ([ScriptBlock]::Create((irm /para

  • Replace /para in this command with the switches from the above table. You can use multiple switches. For example, if you want to activate Windows and Office both with the best method possible then use,

& ([ScriptBlock]::Create((irm /HWID /KMS38 /KMS-WindowsOffice /KMS-ActAndRenewalTask

If you just want to activate Windows with HWID and Office with KMS then,

& ([ScriptBlock]::Create((irm /HWID /KMS-Office /KMS-ActAndRenewalTask

If you just wants to activate Windows with HWID then,

& ([ScriptBlock]::Create((irm /HWID

Note: This Powershell one liner will work on Windows 8 and later versions only.


  • Script will run in unattended mode if any switch is used.

  • /S switch is not applicable in MAS separate files version scripts.

  • All switches are case-insensitive, works in any order, but must be separated with spaces.

  • KMS Uninstall switch will take precedence over other KMS switches.

  • KMS38 remove protection switch will task precedence over KMS38 activation.

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