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Change Windows Edition

  • You can find this option in the MAS extras section.
  • It can change the Windows 7-8-8.1-10-11 and their Server equivalent editions.
  • The script incorporates 4 methods for edition changing:
    • May's DISM Api Method - Used in Windows 10/11 Core to Non-Core edition change
    • slmgr /ipk Method - Used in Windows 10/11 where edition license files are already there
    • DISM Method - Used in Server 2016 and later server versions
    • CBS Upgrade Method - Used in Windows versions before 10
  • Available editions that can be changed to are shown in the script based on all these 4 options.
  • The script is future-proof, which means that it won't need an update upon the release of new Windows / Server editions and can get the required product key from the system itself.
  • The script blocks changing to CountrySpecific, ServerRdsh, and to/from CloudEdition editions since it's officially not supported and the user may face issues.
  • The script cannot change,
    • Non-Core editions to Core editions (For example, Pro > Home isn't available)
    • GAC editions to LTSC editions (For example, Enterprise > Enterprise LTSC isn't available)

Manual Edition Change

If you want to manually change the edition instead of using the script, please follow the steps below.

Windows 10/11

  • To view the list of available editions, open the command prompt as admin and enter
    dism /online /english /Get-TargetEditions
  • Get the keys for the desired edition from here
  • If you are upgrading from Home to Pro, you will need to disable the Internet before performing the upgrade.
  • Now enter that product key with this command, replace <product_key> with the actual key.
    changepk.exe /ProductKey <product_key>
  • In the Home to Pro upgrade, it may show an error, restart the system anyway. (Use the script if it's still not working)
  • Activate the changed edition with MAS, that's all.

Windows Server 2016 and Later

  • Follow the official Microsoft guide here, you can get the required keys from here.