Unreadable Codes In MAS AIO

(Applies to MAS AIO 1.7)

MAS requires some of Microsoft’s official files in order to perform activation. In order to make an all-in-one version, it’s required that we need to include those files in our AIO .cmd file somehow.

To do that, MAS uses AveYo’s Compressed2TXT. It can convert files to text format and Vice-Versa. However, if you are not feeling comfortable using it then you can use MAS separate files version.

1st block of compressed2TXT code contains the below files.

cleanosppx64.exe        SHA-1: d30a0e4e5911d3ca705617d17225372731c770e2
cleanosppx86.exe        SHA-1: 39ed8659e7ca16aaccb86def94ce6cec4c847dd6

These files are taken from the old version of Microsoft’s official tool O15CTRRemove.diagcab

 File: O15CTRRemove.diagcab (Digitally Signed)
 Link: https://app.box.com/s/n8qpb5ljmv6djp77w5p6fk043dm6s3r1 (Unofficial Link)
SHA-1: 56c6ca76993a96cf9a255463b90db96cb9d24464