IDM Activation Script

An open source tool to activate and reset trial of Internet Download Manager


  • IDM activation with registry key lock method
  • Activation persists even after installing IDM updates
  • IDM trial reset
  • Fully open source
  • Based on transparent batch script

IAS Latest Release

Last Release - v0.8 (10-Aug-2023)

Download / How to use it?

  • First fresh install Internet Download Manager. Make sure previous cracks/patches are removed/uninstalled if there are any.
  • After that follow below steps to activate it.

Method 1 - PowerShell


  • On Windows 8.1/10/11, right-click on the windows start menu and select PowerShell or Terminal (Not CMD).
  • Copy-paste the below code and press enter
    irm | iex
  • You will see the activation options, and follow onscreen instructions.
  • That’s all.

Method 2 - Traditional

  • Download the file from here
  • Right click on the downloaded zip file and extract
  • In the extracted folder, run the file named IAS.cmd
  • You will see the activation options, and follow onscreen instructions.
  • That’s all.



  • This script applies registry lock method to activate Internet download manager (IDM).
  • This method requires Internet at the time of activation.
  • IDM updates can be installed directly without having to activate again.
  • After the activation, if in some case, the IDM starts to show activation nag screen, then just run the activation option again.

Reset IDM Activation / Trial

  • Internet download manager provides 30 days trial period, you can use this script to reset this Activation / Trial period whenever you want.
  • This option also can be used to restore status if in case the IDM reports fake serial key and other similar errors.

OS requirement

  • Project is supported for Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 and their Server equivalent.
  • Powershell method to run IAS is supported on Windows 8 and higher.

Advanced Info

  • To add a custom name in IDM license info, edit the line number 21 in the script file.
  • For activation in unattended mode, run the script with /act parameter.
  • For reset in unattended mode, run the script with /res parameter.
  • To enable silent mode with above two methods, run the script with /s parameter.

How does it work?

  • IDM stores the data related to trial and activation in across various registry keys. Some of these keys are locked to protect them from tampering and data is stored in a pattern to track the fake serial issue and the remaining trial days. To activate it, script here simply generate those registry keys by triggering a few downloads in IDM and identifies those registry keys and locks them so IDM can’t edit and view. That way IDM can not show the warning that it’s activated with a fake serial key.


  • Browser Integration Fix: Chrome FireFox
  • Reach out to us on Discord (signup not required) with an error screenshot.



  • Move the project to Github and
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Add an info to inform users that empty registry keys are being deleted when script deletes a lot of them



Dukun Cabul Original researcher of this IDM trial reset and activation logic, made an Autoit tool for these methods, IDM-AIO_2020_Final
AveYo aka BAU reg_own lean and mean snippet
abbodi1406 Help in coding
WindowsAddict IAS Author

And thanks to the IAS users for their interest, feedback, and assistance.

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